We Still Don’t Know…

…the name of the flower we saw that day.

Or Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, or simply “Ano Hana” because the title is just so… mouthful. But don’t let it stop you from watching the show! There’s only five episodes out so far, yet I think it’s promising enough to be a good series.

“You know, that feeling like you don’t want to do anything, not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes… actually, I often feel like that.”

I actually don’t like Menma that much (since her voice is a bit annoying), but I’d like to see more developments of Anaru and Tsuruko. This show makes me feel nostalgic of childhood friendships – oh, and that Nokemon reference is just cool, hehe 😉


Copic and Shimeji

(Traditional coloring is not something I can do well… there’s no Ctrl+Z. Uh, technology makes me such a spoiled brat.)

Isn’t it a bit sad when the ones you care about the most can be the ones that will bring you down the most as well?

Anyway, me and my classmates are collecting Shimeji lately… so I decided to make a Snoopy one! Snoopy is my favorite cartoon character, and since I couldn’t find any Shimeji of him anywhere I want to make my own. Its movement isn’t exactly smooth, but I’m already glad enough having a bunch of cute beagles running around my screen to lighten up my mood.


Finally, a chibi! I’m quite curious how this girl manages to hold up that big head with such a tiny body lol. Again, the colors look ‘stronger’ in Mac compared to Windows… *sighs*

To my schoolmates, yes I know, I’m supposed to be studying Chemistry. Year 12 is tough, man. You have so many things to do and think about… but I know after it all ends things will only get tougher. I’ll miss these high school days, I know it.


Colors or Grayscale?

“You think you’re a black piece on the board and that can’t be changed… but what if you’ve been on the wrong side all along? That you’re actually a white piece playing for the black side, but you don’t realize it?”

I still don’t know what to answer whenever anyone asks why my blog’s name is “Oh Crab!”. I do not know. Seriously. Just chose it because it’s a silly pun of “oh crap”, but nothing more, since I don’t like crabs or seafood in the first place. Strange, huh?

Blue is the new Green.

Green used to be my favorite color, but now I’m starting to like blue as well. Green, blue, and white make a good combo because they remind me of a grassland with blue skies and white clouds. The dress is based on a picture I saw and I like the design, but what I draw ends up looking different… Oh well. (The legs are kinda ‘err’, tried changing it but now I’m too sleepy to fix it again. Nites all!)

Lovin’ it, Flash.

I finally managed to install Adobe Master Collections in my laptop. Took hours just to wait for it to be installed, and it’s worth it 🙂 It’s been looong time since I made an animation, and I miss it! So here’s a quickie that I made~ It’s quite random, yes, I know.

Hopefully more properly done animations soon… but not hoping so much since this month is quite busy.