Can’t Believe This is Ending.

Hello there. Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been quite busy and having some art block on the way. Things have been quite hectic – my birthday party, university applications, exams, farewell events, etc. *sighs* I still really can’t believe that high school is almost over. I don’t think I’m ready to enter the adult world yet. The thought of growing up scares me 😦

Anyway, this pic is actually used in my party invitation. It may not be as good as the designers’s stuff, but at least it’s mine. I spent this year’s birthday with great memories: a party where most of the friends and family came on time, sleepover with two of my best friends, a trip to the orphanage, Angry Birds plush war, surprises, and some special gifts. I’m really thankful to be blessed with great people around me.

I’m currently having one week of study break before the final exams. Hope I can score well… especially in mathematics and chemistry since I tend to struggle in those two subjects. And also, hopefully I can spend these last few months well with my high school friends and we can still keep in touch in the future.


Usagi Drop for Summer!

Usagi Drop. This anime already made me teary just with a few episodes. I really felt for Rin – when she was outcasted during the funeral, her fears of death and abandonment, as well as her confusion about the roles of mother and father for her. The watercolor-soft style at the beginning of episodes suit the overall mood too, being all bubbly and heartwarming – oh, and the opening sequence is adorable.

The anime touches the subject of parenting and juggling between work and taking care of children, something that I think anime rarely talks about. I can’t help but to think about my brother when I saw the scene of Daikichi rushing from work to pick up Rin in the day care 🙂 So far I’m glad how they portray Rin as a typical girl with Daikichi as the father figure, and not overly-moe child with pedo references here and there.

Besides this, I’m also watching Baka to Test season two and Tiger & Bunny. Don’t comment on how strange my choices in anime can be.

Mata Ashita…

I can’t help myself from drawing Madoka Magica characters… their designs are just pretty~ especially after seeing the Figma figures that look so awesome. (Take a look at it here)

This is just a quick post before I drown myself in Business Studies articles trying to find case studies that I can actually use… and before I start getting all emo due to the chemistry exams this morning which I failed miserably.

Trial Exams Coming Up…

The usual “what-am-I-doing-I-am-supposed-to-be-studying” dilemma. Thank goodness we only have English tomorrow. Guess I’m pretty much doomed for Chemistry and Maths 😥 Hope I can do them well…

SketchBook Express!

This is a neat app for drawing… though I have yet to learn how to make proper, finished cool pictures like the examples given =.=” Orz teach meee… (The effects above are made using Photobucket Retro tools though, not the app itself because I felt they’re too plain.)

Holiday is ending, which is kinda depressing because I had so much fun during this trip. The next few months will be really tough, with all the trials, exams, and all the whole “decide on your future” stuff – and I don’t feel I’m already prepared for it.

Here’s my doodle of the Angry Birds’ characters to make this post a happier place. (This doodle has been tested on a three-years old boy, and he was able to identify them all.)

Anyway, I’ve finished watching Ano Hana, which is a great series despite the last episode seems to be kind of over-dramatic with all that tears. I can’t really feel the urge to cry when the movie characters are already doing that for me, hehe 😛 And I really like the series’ ending theme, “Secret Base”. I find the other characters are more interesting than the two main characters (Jintan and Menma) themselves though.

I’ve also caught up with the latest episodes of Tiger and Bunny, which is a fun series to watch 😀 The characters have their distinct unique (read: quirky) personalities, the plotline is doing great in giving each of them some spotlight, and the world set-up is interesting too. Sky High’s story is my favorite so far, but Tiger’s antics are the most entertaining to see lol.

Okay, back to work. Maybe. I’ll probably scan up some doodles I did during the school break while I try to survive school works. Wish me luck? ^^”

So many things I want to do!

Sometimes I can relate and feel like Yui from Angel Beats. She wants to do lots of things and inspired easily by the media, and although she seems optimistic and loud, in the end she actually feels insecure of her abilities and doubts if anyone will accept her for who she is.

Anyway, Angel Beats is a great series to watch. At first I thought Otonashi is boring but his backstory is just cool, and I think it’s not just me who find Yuuri similar to Haruhi – but I don’t like Haruhi though. I’m quite disappointed they didn’t explain some of the characters’ back stories, such as TK.

I’m quite interested in one-season series lately (e.g Angel Beats, Ano Hana, Madoka Magica)… but I actually don’t really have the time to watch them.

Many works to do piling up before holiday – and more during holiday, “hooray”!

Rin/Len Art Trade

I had an art trade deal with my friend V at school, I drew Kagamine Rin (right) and she drew Len (left) 😀 Our styles are really different, which makes drawing with her .

For instance, she says she can’t draw cute girls while me on the other side can’t draw good-looking guys, she can draw scary dragons while I can only draw bubbly creatures to save my life.

So yeah, it’s fun to mingle with people who are different than you because it makes you learn new things.