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Copic and Shimeji

(Traditional coloring is not something I can do well… there’s no Ctrl+Z. Uh, technology makes me such a spoiled brat.)

Isn’t it a bit sad when the ones you care about the most can be the ones that will bring you down the most as well?

Anyway, me and my classmates are collecting Shimeji lately… so I decided to make a Snoopy one! Snoopy is my favorite cartoon character, and since I couldn’t find any Shimeji of him anywhere I want to make my own. Its movement isn’t exactly smooth, but I’m already glad enough having a bunch of cute beagles running around my screen to lighten up my mood.


#69: Handmade Notebook!

Random handmade notebook yeah. Made from a pile of lined papers and other materials. I love how it turns out, but as a notebook, it certainly doesn’t live up to its purpose. It’s quite hard to open and write on, soo… only to be adored from the outside. Or maybe I’ll try to use it because I don’t want the papers to go to waste. blah.

It can be opened this way…

#60: Where Your Hands Fit Perfectly

Forgive those ugly legs. I can’t draw – uh, what’s that word again? Oh, feet.

you said you hate me
and i’m glad you feel that way
you’ll not be with me
cause i can’t give happiness

Inspired by a song written by my friend Jelita, and my own mix of emotions. 😉

#58: All We Gotta Do… Just Collab!

Collaboration with Hilly. I drew the girl and done the color, she drew the boy.

I find myself urging to keep posting so this place will stay alive… even I’m not sure why.

#53: Poor Little Thing…

My scanner screws these up. =( They’re much prettier in original (and I really mean it), colored by Gijo.

I don’t think captions are necessary, but I hope you guys get the message.

The second picture is inspired by this cake. Don’t be fooled, it isn’t edible – it’s made from towel! Isn’t that cute? You can see more of this kind of ‘cake’ here.

#52: In Paintings There’s no Ctrl+Z.

This is the painting I’ve been working on at school. It’s not very good though, since I can’t really draw nature stuffs. Next week, I might try drawing my random characters on the canvas – it sounds more fun, haha.

I am glad Photobucket can resize down pictures to 320 pixels wide, because the details suck. (In case you don’t know, the left one is Snoopy and Woodstock; the right one are sunflowers. I didn’t have any reference at that time, so… yeah.)

#51: Birth of Random Creatures

More of these random creatures are appearing on my notebooks and handouts. I decided to name the rectangle one with loooong wiggly arms as “Kokoba”. Haven’t got the name for the tiny round one though.

Special thanks to Gijo, Hilly and CH who made my drawing book so colorful with you guys’ wonderful coloring skills.