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#32: On Facebook Graffiti.

Drawn at Facebook’s Graffiti application, which is similar to Tegaki. Finally I tried to ‘actually’ color using it, and it turns out not that bad, haha. Still needs a lot of practice though…


#29: ‘Cause Happiness is a Warm Puppy.

Exams are over now and it’s finally holiday! Finally, I can take some good, deep breaths… before going to Bali for 5 days and enjoy the madness with my friends on the 18th. For meanwhile, enjoy (?) some more Tegaki self-comment spam, fufufufu.

Snoopy is ♥

Haven’t been drawing Legal for awhile ❤

…yes, you can stop screaming now.

I actually don’t really like Crys’ character but this pairing looks kinda cute… There are no perverted actions related to this pic whatsover, I swear. Anyway, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are ❤ I can’t wait!

I don’t know… I don’t knowwww.

Real story: my friend Cilla kept on singing Toybox’s Best Friend crappily right next to me.

I like the girl’s face (the left). But the guy looks like a girl, so this looks like a girl/girl pairing instead, dammit! *cries*

…Yes, ma’am.

As I mentioned on the first pic : happiness is a warm puppy.

I’ve been neglecting my 10 prompts challenge lately, I know. But it won’t be fun if I finished it too soon, right? Well, see you on the next tegakispam guys, hee-hee 😛

#28: This is Tegaki?

Okay, I admit it, I still don’t know how to color well in Tegaki… but I’m starting to get used to it (kinda late, but whatever). It’s actually quite fun! :3 Here here, let me share some of my stuffs that are floating around that web~


BLINDING GREEN DESU. *slaps my blinded color sense*

chemistry+chinese = chemistry in chinese?! …totally not recommended.

If you can guess my Tegaki username, I’ll draw something for you by your request lol >:]

Hint 1: I’m a sucker for creating new usernames
Hint 2: No, unfortunately, it’s not ohcrab.
Hint 3: Kalo lu ngerti kalimat ini, berarti lu bisa nebaknya lebih cepet, nyahaha~

#27: Amazed by and Failed at Tegaki.


How the heck people are able to draw and color so well on Tegaki?! D: It’s kinda hard, you know… *sobs*

Well, yes, I have a Tegaki E account. But I’m not telling since it’s still empty because I can’t draw anything worthy enough to be posted there. I’ve read tutorials and already have a general idea for it, but I just can’t do it… waaah~

Anyway, have some random filler doodle: