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So This is GIMP?

Despite people saying they use their MacBooks for graphic design/drawing, personally I’ve always used Windows for those things. My tablet doesn’t work properly in Mac somehow, but last night I tried fixing things and it got better, though the pressure sensitivity is still not working. Hmm…

Testing out. They provide some peculiar brushes… *points to the cabbage thingy*

Also, I only had Photoshop, Flash, and other Adobe package for Windows while none for Mac – so I decided to install GIMP. I’m still not used to its user interface, with my hands automatically reaching for shortcuts I’m used to. Hopefully I can learn how to use it properly soon :>


Get Real – but What’s “Real Art”?

I’m kind of in a bad mood, phew… Anyway, those who knows my drawings probably know that I mostly specialize in drawing animanga-style or random cutesy doodle.

Why never bother to try realism, they say? Well, I have learned it in a drawing course during elementary school, but I really struggled with it. Being such a lazy student, I eventually stopped practicing after the course ended and drew more of the usual style. I know, I know, bad habit… -_-” Probably this is also caused by the heavy influence from comics I read, inspiring me to draw like that.

For those who are curious, here are some samples below, proceed with caution:

Enough to scare myself after reading a horror manga (titled “Another”) lol. Don’t ask me why I do things this or that way… Still have a long way to go, the anatomy is still messy. Ugh, those noses, I’ve always hated drawing noses >_<

I have heard comments from people saying one can’t be called a “true artist” unless that person already masters realism, and comments saying that anime or manga are not to be treated as “real work of art”, or that photography is just “taking pictures” thus can not be considered equally artistic as paintings made from scratch.

On the other hand, I have problems understanding “modern art”. You know, the kind of pictures that look so simple and makes you wonder, “I think I can do that too…”, yet those pieces are praised greatly and sold expensively. It’s hard for me to get it. But since people perceive art differently, I think I’m not in the position to judge which one is “true art” or not.

How about you readers, what do you think about this?

Random Scans.

I felt like scanning some random sketches from my drawing book today.

Firstly, happy Chinese New Year to visitors who celebrate it! (I’ll try to draw something related to that soon. Meanwhile, have some Ange and a random doodle.)

Emo-looking Ange.

Evolution? Hey, I rarely draw chibis anymore o__o idk why, I used to draw them a lot.

#50: September is Busy Business

Oh crab crap I am busy this month. (It’s still August, but it’ll be September tomorrow anyway, so, yeah…) Just take a look at this. Holiday feels so far away, separated away from me by those evil tests and projects 😥 boo hoo hoo!

*doodled with Windows Journal. It’s quite an… well, interesting program. I have the habit for drawing random creatures when bored lately.

#43: Hide-and-Seek with Dicho!

Having some fun with Dicho, my superstar pink hamster doll.

My bag and my bed. The Snoopy doll in pink on my bed is called Muba.

My wardrobe, and my new partner-in-crime laptop, Skye. (I have this ridiculous habit to give names to items that I often use, haha.)

My oh-so-empty wall (I just don’t like putting up posters or such on the wall), and… my doorknob.

Well, see you guys later 🙂

#37: Written Art Meme

Not exactly an art meme, but since the questions were related with drawing I decided to post it here anyway. Stolen from somewhere somewhen in dA.

Some random crap I doodled yesterday when I was working on a project for a church’s event. lol I will post some of pics from that project later.

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#21: On Failing to be Anonymous.

I have been filling in art prompts in the Layton Fan Meme lately because I got sick studying biology and geography, blah. And because I suck at being anonymous, I’ll be posting one of those drawings here, haha.

See Chelle in anonymous disguise here lol

Actually there are still some more of my doodles floating around in that thread, but I’m not going to share anymore to make myself feel more… mysterious, nyahaha *evil laughter*

For those who are sick of my Layton fanarts, have a little something from my old works.

Supposed to be a bookmark, so that’s why it’s kinda… long.