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Both Miracles and Magic Exist!

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a proper artwork. This took me about five hours, with some extra hours for sketching… like there’s supposed to be Elsa Maria and HN Elly on the background, but I end up neglecting them hohoho.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode 11 and 12 airing tonight… Hm-hm~ I wonder how the series will end.


Click image to view on DeviantART.

arggh the colors look different in windows and mac ;___; windows does it better bro. *sobs*

I already sketched all the five girls. I’ll be doing Homura or Mami next πŸ™‚ Homura is my favorite character but for the character designs I like Sayaka and Mami.

By the way I have a strange habit to draw a quick sketch, then coloring, then finally do the final lineart… It feels strange since I see most people do linearts first 😐


#94: Merry Christmas!

So, merry christmas, everyone!

Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Christmas with your precious ones – wherever and whoever you are πŸ™‚

Here’s a Christmas gift from me to my visitors…

Hope you’ll like it!

I’ll actually be at Bangkok with my family when this post is published, but it doesn’t matter. Happy holidays, God bless!

#89: Improving?

I’m pretty satisfied with this picture. Loving the colors, and it feels great to finally finish a drawing πŸ™‚ There are still things I want to fix tho, but I got too sleepy yesterday… Comments?

I want to read PokeSupe, but I haven’t found any sites with the most recent scans. I wanna see the HeartGold-SoulSilver saga! The latest scans I’ve seen is from chapter 389. Not that interested in D/P saga, don’t know why.

Fanart of Shiki Misaki from The World Ends With You. Doesn’t look much like her, actually.

Kinda late, but I like that game. I love the pin designs. But man, it’s so hard to draw people so skinny like that. Neku looks like he’d snap into two if you poke him in the belly… (It doesn’t really make sense, but…)

I’m in the good mood for drawing. Probably because it’s holiday soon? πŸ™‚

#55: Dicho, Europe, and Calendar

Dicho’s adventure at Europe! Dicho is the pink hamster doll, while the hedgehog doll is Jean-Paul πŸ˜€

textures by paperjunk, jeyla4ever from

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font: alliewriting


My calendar for September. Colored by Gijo, Hilly, and CH. Homeworks, quizzes, reports, projects, tests… holidays, vacation trips, and back to school. You can see how busy I am! (In reality or sarcastic view, up to you.)

#46: Submission for FDA Contest

Entered this piece for the FDA09 contest. Didn’t make it to the semifinals though, so I’m posting it here instead.

I admit it wasn’t my best work, since I was in extreme hurry. (My teacher told me about the contest one day, then demanded for the entry the next afternoon! Isn’t that crazy?!) I skipped two periods of Economics and worked on this. Thank goodness I didn’t choose to skip my painting course. The other finalists are SO awesome, no wonder I don’t stand a chance there. Well, better luck next time, maybe?

For those living in Indonesia, please go to the website and vote via SMS to support those wonderful finalists! πŸ™‚

#39: Event Schedule as Comics

Quick post. Here’s what I’ve been doing for the church camp’s event book.

#26: 10 Themes on Layton

it seems like I enjoy torturing myself with more works ahahaha. I’ve taken this challenge from 10_themes community (but I didn’t actually sign up there because I was afraid I’m not going to finish it…)

My goal is: to create 10 proper artworks featuring these themes and using characters from Professor Layton. Man, this is going to be crazy!

Here are the ten themes and my progress:

01. Reading 02. Writing
03. Painting 04. Napping
05. Music 06. TV
07. Sewing 08. Socialising
09. Travelling 10. Knitting

4/10. Still a long way to go… Wish me luck.

EDIT: I’ve decided to keep updating this post with the finished challenges rather than spamming the blog with new posts. So if you want to keep track, check back later ❀

7/5/09 – #1 – Reading is already finished. I think this is the one with most effort, haha.

8/5/09: #3 – Painting and #7 – Sewing are finished! Hohoho~ You can see how lazy am I to add a background on those… gahh T^T

9/5/09 – #9 – Travelling is finished! It was simpler than the others, but I had some fun doing it :3

I’ve removed the sketches from this post you won’t see the huge difference of fail between them and the finished result lol xP