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Second AFA Experience

(Update: Since my other blog will be down by next month, I’m copying the AFA post to here instead of only the pics…)

Last weekend I attended Anime Festival Asia, or AFA, held in Singapore. Or as my friends call it, “nijikon event”, though the event is not just like that (nijikon – people who feel ‘2D’ figures are more attractive than real-life people). It’s actually a lot of fun, and I think this year’s event is much more crowded than last year.

There are lots of cool cosplay, not to mention there’s also the regional cosplay championship – in which Indonesia won third place, whee πŸ™‚ That contest was intense, all the finalists did an awesome job! There are also many stores with variety of merchandise, and great concert as well. This is the second time I went to AFA.


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SketchBook Express!

This is a neat app for drawing… though I have yet to learn how to make proper, finished cool pictures like the examples given =.=” Orz teach meee… (The effects above are made using Photobucket Retro tools though, not the app itself because I felt they’re too plain.)

Holiday is ending, which is kinda depressing because I had so much fun during this trip. The next few months will be really tough, with all the trials, exams, and all the whole “decide on your future” stuff – and I don’t feel I’m already prepared for it.

Here’s my doodle of the Angry Birds’ characters to make this post a happier place. (This doodle has been tested on a three-years old boy, and he was able to identify them all.)

Anyway, I’ve finished watching Ano Hana, which is a great series despite the last episode seems to be kind of over-dramatic with all that tears. I can’t really feel the urge to cry when the movie characters are already doing that for me, hehe πŸ˜› And I really like the series’ ending theme, “Secret Base”. I find the other characters are more interesting than the two main characters (Jintan and Menma) themselves though.

I’ve also caught up with the latest episodes of Tiger and Bunny, which is a fun series to watch πŸ˜€ The characters have their distinct unique (read: quirky) personalities, the plotline is doing great in giving each of them some spotlight, and the world set-up is interesting too. Sky High’s story is my favorite so far, but Tiger’s antics are the most entertaining to see lol.

Okay, back to work. Maybe. I’ll probably scan up some doodles I did during the school break while I try to survive school works. Wish me luck? ^^”

#81: Ohayou Gozaimasu!

I’m back from Japan for vacation πŸ˜€ It was a great trip! Took a lot of photos there. I went to Universal Studio, DisneySea, Disneyland, Shinjuku, Mt.Fuji, and some temples.

Snoopy Music Kiyomizu Temple

Omikuji Carry On

Check the photos here at Flickr. Comments are very welcome! πŸ™‚

#78: Singapore

My holiday is ending only in a few days. But before diving deep back into the mountain of assignments I’m supposed to finish before school starts, I managed to escape to Singapore for a quick break.

I haven’t been drawing lately. Because 1) I’ve been traveling (either to malls or other places), 2) I have many school assignments (even on holidays, yes!), 3) my laptop where Photoshop and tablet are installed is needing some service so I can’t use it, and 4) I’m just having a giant art block.

Bah, reasons are always there when you look for them. Anyway, photos and brief summary of what I did there behind the cut.

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#77: Photo Hunt Challenge!

Decided to do this to spice up my holiday… and to keep this blog alive. Fwee~

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#76: C’est la Vie.

School has started again. Here we go again – hanging outs, laughter, goofing off, tears, drama, loads of assignments, sleepless nights, love, friendship, boredom, and difficult exams. Such, is highschool life.

Anyway I’ve been collecting movie tickets and used this namecard folder to keep them. Do any of you guys like collecting them too?

This is a kiwi bird from New Zealand (at first I thought it’s a duck hahaha).

Finally, the male Korean Mashimaro doll in my house have a partner.Yaay! ❀

You teach me how to see all that’s beautiful
My senses touch your word I never pictured
Now I give my hope to you, I surrender
I pray in my heart that this world never ends
I see me through your eyes…

Oh yes, if you’re wondering, I love the Avatar movie, and I fell in love with the song as well.

#75: Back Home.

On the last day before I went home, I doodled this up and sticked it in the wall of a Q-Cup store πŸ˜€ Let’s see if anyone can find it again… lol

I didn’t realize I’ve bought all these books during my almost-a-month trip. They’re enough to fit in a new luggage! Haha. I should finish them all then, starting from TheΒ  Lovely Bones first, then followed by The Magician :3

By the day after tomorrow begins… a new chapter of my school life will start to roll. *dramatic pose* Hope things will work out right… for me and for you guys too! πŸ™‚ Best wishes for you all!