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Artworks for Business Project~

Finally I had the time – and mood to do these for the Business Studies group project. My group’s business’ name is ‘Moyo JC Milo’, which is a retarded abbreviation version of the members’ names. We firstly planned to call it Starducks, but it feels lame.

Our businessย sell small chocolates, lollipops, and mochaccino drink (gosh, did I spell it right?), and we’re planning to add more sweet treats and nice drinks to our product mix. Doing these makes me feel more useful in the group, so yay me~

The coffee guy isn’t exactly original, but adding faces to non-living things to make them look cuter is one of my better skills. I kind of like him and the little chocolate-heart buddy :3 Anyway, wish me luck for our business project! Hope everything goes well ๐Ÿ™‚


#95: 2010 Artwork Year in Review!

Happy new year 2011! ๐Ÿ˜€ May it become a better year for all of us. Cheers!

(Made the above 2011-text with fireworks my dad bought, whoo ^^)

Doing a year-in-review in terms of art I’ve done this year. I haven’t been really productive this year in terms of my artwork, and haven’t improved much… ;_; orz gotta do better next year…

Many pictures are involved, so the rest of the entry is put behind the ‘Read More’ cut.

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#93: Contest Entry Stuff

Click the image to go to the deviantART page of the pic, and here for the contest page.

It’s been awhile since I’ve joined a contest, but I can’t help this one. The Original Character, Haine, looks quite cute (*coughcough*and easy to draw…*coughcough*), it’s a Pokemon OC, and all entries will get dA points for effort! As for the winner, the prize is subscription – which is something I won’t get on my own unless someone gives it to me ๐Ÿ˜›

I’m not very good drawing Pokemon-style… so I gave up mimicking and used my own. She looks different from the ref images though, I made her look calmer and… older? Bah. I’ll get extra points if I include Ash Ketchum in there, but I can’t draw any Ash Ketchums to save my life. I even suck at drawing Chikorita. (Yes, the girl is holding a Chikorita.)

Wish me luck? :3

PS: I need to stop using numbers for post titles… it’s getting annoying, lol. I’ll stop after 100 to make them look good xP

#85: Accomplishments?

Recently I’m asked by my cousin – you can call him yamiza – to design a logo for an Indonesian riddle website – something like notpron, godtower, etc. Actually he’s asked me once before, but it never happened because I was *ahem* busy. (What’s with those eyes? I really mean that!)

So this time I decided to truly do it…

Ta-da~ Click on the logo to go to the website!

MatiBeku itself means “frozen to death“, hence the ice-y look. (Don’t say anything if you think it doesn’t look like ice.) Oh, and don’t bother asking me about the riddles though since I don’t play them.

Heavy photoshopped text for the win! Hahaha not very creative and high quality I know =.=” Searched for tutorials all over the net but ended up experimenting on my own by abusing the filters (because I’m too lazy to read and wait for the pics to load, huzzah).

This one is kinda old news, actually, but I’ll be posting this now. This is a website design I made with Hillary and Grace for a webdesign contest. I’m not the artist this time though, this time I do the codings instead while they do the graphics and animations. This is supposedly a website teaching environment care awareness to children.

The theme is Learning is Playing, and this design won the first place – quite surprising to be honest, since it has compatibility flaws and lacking complexity. (If I was the judge, I actually won’t pick this design though ๐Ÿ˜› So thanks to the judges!)

Well, that’s news from me today. I need to learn to improve my drawings argh… :<

#77: Photo Hunt Challenge!

Decided to do this to spice up my holiday… and to keep this blog alive. Fwee~

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#69: Handmade Notebook!

Random handmade notebook yeah. Made from a pile of lined papers and other materials. I love how it turns out, but as a notebook, it certainly doesn’t live up to its purpose. It’s quite hard to open and write on, soo… only to be adored from the outside. Or maybe I’ll try to use it because I don’t want the papers to go to waste. blah.

It can be opened this way…

#68: Icons, Tips, and Contest!

Hello, guys! Today I have several things to share:

First of all, I’ve written a quick article about icons at a shared blog with a friend called PockyPudding. If you have time, you can take a look at it here! It basically talks about some ideas to make icons without using external resources (e.g: brush, textures). Interested? Then take a peek and feel free to comment. It may not be much, but hope it can help people somehow.

Next, it’s just announced that I won the 3rd place at Divine Designs’ Button Bonanza competition! Yay! ^^ Here’s the award I received and my winning submission:

Last but not least, some icons to share before I take off for vacation on Sunday ๐Ÿ˜‰

001: K-ON!
002 – 004, 008: Original
005: Vocaloid
006: Dmyotic
007: Tsubasa Chronciles

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008

Hope you guys can enjoy it! Credit when using will be greatly appreciated, especially for icons with original work. Comments will be very nice as well.

Happy holidays everyone, hope you guys have fun!