Facing Fears…

They say “Do one thing every day that scares you”. Well, the scarier parts of my exams are coming up. Maths for Monday, and Chemistry for the week after – those two seem to be my weakest subjects (besides Physical Education) so I’m quite worried about it… Not to mention the end of high school leads to more fears and uncertainty about the future as well.*sighs*

However, it seems that nervousness and fear of failure just can’t beat students’ laziness from all these distractions online… Orz.

 Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki: probably the creepiest yandere I’ve ever seen… The pic is inspired by the opening’s style.

As I finish each exam, it makes me kind of sad because I won’t be having those classes anymore. Of course, this refers to “the time I had fun with friends in that class” rather than “what we actually studied in that course,” hehe.

Ika Musume is a very fun character to watch (and draw). Now that I mention it, she’s very smart at math too… waah D:

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