Taking a break from studying… or something like that :p Here is Tomoe Mami from Madoka Magica, her curly hair kinda reminds me of Feyris from Steins;Gate, lol.

“I’m not scared of anything anymore…” (then suddenly, that scene.)

Yeah, I do realize that the pictures here are quite boring since they’re mostly the same style. I guess I’m one of those ‘artists’ who are heavily influenced and trapped by ‘anime/manga’ style, indeed. I’m slowly learning to adapt other styles too, but it’s hard since I’m busy lazy. Especially realism, I just suck at that, even though I know many people say it’s an essential thing to master. It’ll probably take years before I can draw a decent realistic drawing … Orz

So here is a funky cheerful dragon for you~ (kinda like Scrafty and Dragonite hybrid? Dunno, hurhur) Will probably post more during the following weeks, since I tend to doodle when I become stressed (and bored) with studying.

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