#78: Singapore

My holiday is ending only in a few days. But before diving deep back into the mountain of assignments I’m supposed to finish before school starts, I managed to escape to Singapore for a quick break.

I haven’t been drawing lately. Because 1) I’ve been traveling (either to malls or other places), 2) I have many school assignments (even on holidays, yes!), 3) my laptop where Photoshop and tablet are installed is needing some service so I can’t use it, and 4) I’m just having a giant art block.

Bah, reasons are always there when you look for them. Anyway, photos and brief summary of what I did there behind the cut.

The shop name?ArtBoxShop lah!break from shopping.

Spent the first day shopping at Orchard Road. (Typical, eh?) I love that ice-cream-with-bread thing, they’re delicious! I’m not really sure what it’s really called though. Help?

UNIVERSAL.Human vs. CycloneTreasure HunterFwee

Went to the Universal Studio, just curious. The double roller coaster wasn’t operating and there aren’t many attractions to begin with, so I was not really satisfied…

Po!  on 365 Project

…especially because I failed to take a picture with Po and the Madagascar penguins…

Snoopy in Egypt!

…and I didn’t bring my Snoopy doll there with me to have fun like them. lol. (Okay, that’s a bit random. My favorite amusement park is still Disneyland all the way.)

Watched several shows there. First is the Songs of the Sea show, a musical show with laser displays and fireworks. I’ve watched it before, and I still say I’m not that impressed. Next is the fireworks show at the Universal Studio. I couldn’t get a nice view with all the crowd of tall people and trees here and there, but it’s not bad.

Lastly is Voyage de la Vie, some kind of musical circus show. No photos since they’re not allowed (boo!). It’s great and entertaining, the songs are pretty nice too (especially the main theme song). Those who are sitting on the front rows (not me) and are lucky enough will get a chance to interact with the casts, get called to the stage, or even receive a gift from them. So yeah, it’s great stuff.

Went to Vivo City for more shopping, and saw quite an interesting exhibition. These food displays are made from balloons and are based on food from real restaurants. At a glance, they look quite convincing.

And lastly, here’s a photo of a dog in training I saw in a pet shop. He’s the smallest among all dogs there, but he keeps barking loudly to everyone passing around while the others kept silent.

That basically sums up what I did there. Well, how about you? What did you do on the holidays? Mine is ending soon, so yeah, got to get back to work now… See you again soon.

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