Second AFA Experience

(Update: Since my other blog will be down by next month, I’m copying the AFA post to here instead of only the pics…)

Last weekend I attended Anime Festival Asia, or AFA, held in Singapore. Or as my friends call it, “nijikon event”, though the event is not just like that (nijikon – people who feel ‘2D’ figures are more attractive than real-life people). It’s actually a lot of fun, and I think this year’s event is much more crowded than last year.

There are lots of cool cosplay, not to mention there’s also the regional cosplay championship – in which Indonesia won third place, whee 🙂 That contest was intense, all the finalists did an awesome job! There are also many stores with variety of merchandise, and great concert as well. This is the second time I went to AFA.


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Drifting Round and Round

“When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep
And dreamed of paradise” 

Work in progress (hence the awkwardness of legs, arm, chest, etc.) but I’m not sure if I’m going to finish it, probably just fix things here and there :/ Made the sketch when listening to Astronaut by Simple Plan – the song is good, by the way, hehe 🙂 I doodled so often that sometimes I forgot how to draw and color seriously… *smacks self*

Just one more exam to go for me 😦 Really can’t believe I’m getting so close to the end of high school. Time flies so fast, it all feels like a dream… It feels, like, really weird. Maybe you know what I mean…

Anyway, a few days ago I skimmed through my old work of pictures and stories. They suck, of course, but some have quite good ideas. One thing that struck my mind was “Wow, I used to be so productive!” and it made me feel embarrassed. During high school I spent more time going out with friends, reading, watching, and studying (y-yes, I do!), basically more to enjoying other people’s work rather than motivating myself to create. I miss writing (stories, not essays) and drawing (proper, completed stuff not doodles), so hopefully during the holiday I can pull up something nice. Hopefully. Hmm…

So This is GIMP?

Despite people saying they use their MacBooks for graphic design/drawing, personally I’ve always used Windows for those things. My tablet doesn’t work properly in Mac somehow, but last night I tried fixing things and it got better, though the pressure sensitivity is still not working. Hmm…

Testing out. They provide some peculiar brushes… *points to the cabbage thingy*

Also, I only had Photoshop, Flash, and other Adobe package for Windows while none for Mac – so I decided to install GIMP. I’m still not used to its user interface, with my hands automatically reaching for shortcuts I’m used to. Hopefully I can learn how to use it properly soon :>

Get Real – but What’s “Real Art”?

I’m kind of in a bad mood, phew… Anyway, those who knows my drawings probably know that I mostly specialize in drawing animanga-style or random cutesy doodle.

Why never bother to try realism, they say? Well, I have learned it in a drawing course during elementary school, but I really struggled with it. Being such a lazy student, I eventually stopped practicing after the course ended and drew more of the usual style. I know, I know, bad habit… -_-” Probably this is also caused by the heavy influence from comics I read, inspiring me to draw like that.

For those who are curious, here are some samples below, proceed with caution:

Enough to scare myself after reading a horror manga (titled “Another”) lol. Don’t ask me why I do things this or that way… Still have a long way to go, the anatomy is still messy. Ugh, those noses, I’ve always hated drawing noses >_<

I have heard comments from people saying one can’t be called a “true artist” unless that person already masters realism, and comments saying that anime or manga are not to be treated as “real work of art”, or that photography is just “taking pictures” thus can not be considered equally artistic as paintings made from scratch.

On the other hand, I have problems understanding “modern art”. You know, the kind of pictures that look so simple and makes you wonder, “I think I can do that too…”, yet those pieces are praised greatly and sold expensively. It’s hard for me to get it. But since people perceive art differently, I think I’m not in the position to judge which one is “true art” or not.

How about you readers, what do you think about this?

Facing Fears…

They say “Do one thing every day that scares you”. Well, the scarier parts of my exams are coming up. Maths for Monday, and Chemistry for the week after – those two seem to be my weakest subjects (besides Physical Education) so I’m quite worried about it… Not to mention the end of high school leads to more fears and uncertainty about the future as well.*sighs*

However, it seems that nervousness and fear of failure just can’t beat students’ laziness from all these distractions online… Orz.

 Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki: probably the creepiest yandere I’ve ever seen… The pic is inspired by the opening’s style.

As I finish each exam, it makes me kind of sad because I won’t be having those classes anymore. Of course, this refers to “the time I had fun with friends in that class” rather than “what we actually studied in that course,” hehe.

Ika Musume is a very fun character to watch (and draw). Now that I mention it, she’s very smart at math too… waah D:

And I’m Home…

So, the first day of exam has passed. I think it was pretty easy compared to the trial, but there are still some parts I answered incorrectly 😦 Reading the forums discussing about it only makes me sadder about my mistakes… Hope I can do better with the other exams!

Here are two more Madoka Magica characters I drew yesterday actually, Sayaka and Homura, enjoy:

“I won’t depend on anyone anymore…”

“There’s no way I’d regret this.”

So this leaves Madoka and Kyoko, the two characters I very rarely ever draw. I don’t know why, even though the series already ended I still like drawing these characters and listening to the OSTs (Yuki Kajiura FTW!)


Taking a break from studying… or something like that :p Here is Tomoe Mami from Madoka Magica, her curly hair kinda reminds me of Feyris from Steins;Gate, lol.

“I’m not scared of anything anymore…” (then suddenly, that scene.)

Yeah, I do realize that the pictures here are quite boring since they’re mostly the same style. I guess I’m one of those ‘artists’ who are heavily influenced and trapped by ‘anime/manga’ style, indeed. I’m slowly learning to adapt other styles too, but it’s hard since I’m busy lazy. Especially realism, I just suck at that, even though I know many people say it’s an essential thing to master. It’ll probably take years before I can draw a decent realistic drawing … Orz

So here is a funky cheerful dragon for you~ (kinda like Scrafty and Dragonite hybrid? Dunno, hurhur) Will probably post more during the following weeks, since I tend to doodle when I become stressed (and bored) with studying.